This is our suppliers

Woerner designs and manufactures all necessary components to the highest possible quality standards. With that we ensure that our solutions are always at the highest level of technology, be it as a single component, a turn-key project or for your specific needs.

You will find Woerner products in small Machines, big Machines and in very complex plants, be it Manufacturing Facilities, Commercial Vehicles, Paper Machines or Wind Driven Generating Plants. We also develop optimal solutions for your particular needs. Make use our potential!

WinSoCon provides individually tailored solutions for the automatic lubrication and monitoring for wind turbines. These systems are designed for exact provision of the demanded amount of grease as well as the easy manageability for service personnel.

WinSoCon offers products, for efficient, simple service. All products can be tailored to suit the customers need and individually adapted to the application. The WinSoCon concept suits for modernizing older turbines, that have non or only partial lubrication system, as well as for new turbines.


Triboserv stands for comprehensive, professional, consultation and service in the sectors of rolling bearing technology, lubrication technology and maintenance. We develop and implement customer specific solutions in the field of tribology.

Our specialities are effective, reliable, and cost competitive solutions.

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