Portable Filling Unit – Model K.I.S.

The new PFU-K.I.S from Dalutech is made based on experience from the people who use it. It has been developed based on the mantra “keep it simple”(KIS).

The result is a compact machine weighing only 10 kg. It has a small display controlled by two buttons, giving it the ability to dose a specified amount, entered with a roll of a button or simply pump in manual mode.

The KIS model comes in 4 different versions where the only difference is the specifications of pressure and flow rate.

  1. Model 1    delivers 3,0 l/min @50 bar
  2. Model 2    delivers 2,0 l/min @100 bar
  3. Model 3    delivers 1,2 l/min @ 150 bar
  4. Model 4    delivers 0,35 l/min @ 200 bar

Easy to Customize

The PFU can be delivered with a customized hose set, build to match customer requirements.

Flow rate
0 – 3,0 l/min
Maximum Pressure 0 – 200 bar
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 410 x 320 x 170 mm
Supply 230/110 V

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