Flexx Pump 1500

The FlexxPump are extraordinarily compact lubrication pumps for oils and greases.
The pump can be equipped with a battery without the need for an external power source. Alternatively, FlexxPump can also be connected to a 24 VDC power  supply.

Depending on the configuration, the FlexxPump is available with a number of outputs from 1 up to 10 and is suitable as the best solution for applications with limited lubrication points

Typical applications are machines with a limited number of grease points, electric motors, fans, compressors, and so on. The FlexxPump is also used to re-lubricate oil chains or, by means of porous lubricating oil or fat grease, for greasing racks and gears.

Easy to Customize

The FlexxPump can be customized to match customer requirements.

Storage volume: 1500 cm3 cartridge
Operating pressure: max 70 bar
Weight : 10 kg
Dimensions :
162 x 255 x 165 mm
Supply voltage: 24 VDC

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