BDU 200

BDU 20

BDU 20

Barrel Dosing Unit – BDU

The Barrel Dosing Unit was originally made for filling grease cartridges  used for our PFU and PGU.

The BDU however can do much more.  It is a base model which can be customized into filling from all kinds of drums ranging from 10-200 kg, over to any kind of container.

The pump plate can be dismounted with hose and electrical wiring, making it possible to quickly change to a new batch or media without having to flush and with no chance of cross contamination.

Depending on customer requirements the BDU can be made with a precision of +/- 0,5 g with a flow of up to 20 l/min

Possible applications include Grease, Silicone, Coating, Epoxy, Glue. The BDU can even be made to live up to requirements concerning food grade media.

Easy to Customize

With the BDU comes endless possibilities, it can be built as an independent filling station, or it can be built into an existing production system.

The programmable HMI makes it a versatile tool which can be used in multiple functions.

If you have questions or ideas as to how to use or incorporate this system, do not hesitate to contact us.


The Specifications of the Barrel Dosing Unit is specific to customer requirements


Supply 230/110 V

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